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Shout out to all grandparents!

The arrival of every new born puts grandmas on call
Even before the baby arrives, grandma and grandpa would have being making loads of preparations
Which is not limited to their new guest alone…the new mum-to-be is also in the mix
Hmmmm…that’s some serious love!

Did I say grandpa? Yes of course!
Grandpas sacrifice the company of the ‘love-of-their-lives’ – (Grandmas, that is) just to ensure that their daughters or daughters-in-in-law are comfortable and adjust well to her new routine as a mum which sometimes takes more than a month
Hmmmm…that’s huge!

As the child’s grows
Grandma and Grandpa resume the role of baby sitters and hosts during long and short holidays
They start the schedule they are done and dusted with for probably more than 25 years
Hmmmm…that’s a lot!?

When the child is sick
Grandma becomes the number one caregiver especially for working class mothers

Who do you think will stay with the child that calls for extra attention and soothing if grandma was not available or if grandpa have not give approval?
Hmmmm…that’s touching!

What happens in days you feel like having ‘me-time’ with your spouse?
Grandparents’ apartment become the creche centre even when they are not informed ahead of time
They have no choice but to take care of their grandchild?
Hmmmm…that is interesting!

Do you think that is fun?
Wait til you become one
Then you’ll know they deserve a VERY BIG shout out!
Kindly take out time today to appreciate your mum, dad, mum-in-law and dad-in-law

To all grandparents…more strength, longer years and ‘plentiful’ beautiful and handsome grandchildren and great grandchildren?

Photo credit: 3 Generations of The Fadairo: Son, Dad and Grandpa

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