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Mum4real #BeBoldForChange
Mum4real #BeBoldForChange

Specially Dedicated to Every Female Gender

She is beautiful
With ‘swaggerlicious’ features at necessary corners
She is unique
With distinct characters
She is breathtaking…
In short, she is the queen of someone’s heart

She is intelligent
Though she may not have the right answers to your questions but her instincts never fail her

She is brilliant
Yes! she remembers the details of past/every event
She is creative
Her colour combinations, fashion sense, work ethics, delicious menu speaks loudly about that

She incubates
She nurtures and raises rare gems, role models, ambassadors and innovators
A baby sitter, a cook and home tutor par excellence,responsible for her young champions day and night

She plays every role together perfectly
A wife
A mother
A sister
A daughter
An in-law
A friend
A boss
A partner
A colleague

Look into her eyes
Then you will see her passion
Calling for assistance every now and then
Give her a helping hand
Then you will get her full attention every time
Give her the required attention
Then you will hear her voice, singing and shouting for joy
Give her a voice
Then you will hear her speaking for positive change
Give her your all
Then you will get the best; she turns things around for good.

She is a woman,strong, bold and here to initiate/encourage and emphasize change.

Today mum4real celebrates every woman who is bold for change…
Happy International Women’s Day






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  1. hmmmmmm
    a friend of mine says
    ladies are always the bosses
    but I refused to agree
    now I think I’m convinced
    keep it up

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