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The Girl, The Lady, The Woman…1

I was once a girl, loved and cuddled by dad and mum,
Then I became a lady,eyed by every gentleman in town, and left alone to discover and explore,
Later I grew into being a woman, the joy and pride of my one and only soul mate (the gentlemen can keep their eyes off now…or suffer the ‘wrath’ of my man…lol)
And now…I am a mother,giving my all to my child.

Being a child is a stage I wish would last forever,
Even though my wish then was to grow up quickly and never have to run errands (smile)
No wonder I loved to take the lead in the ‘mum and dad’s’ play with my peers at the time…

Now, I have come to learn that in the ‘real life’, motherhood does not come cheap!
Pregnancy is sweet and makes one look good (only when you are wearing a ‘costume’ on your belly…lol!)
Likewise, childbirth is fast and easy….only when you are watching a movie
No matter how comfortable you are…diaper prices,school fees and the pains of childbirth will always give you a second thought about having another child

Everything about parenting is spelt R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y!
Oh yes, responsible to all that call you mum or dad; satisfying all their needs as they arise, day in, day out, until they are old enough to stand alone

Being a parent is not a joke but for real,
You are either one or you are not!

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  1. really true, nice write up sis…

  2. Gbenga ogunfowokan

    Beautiful piece of writing…glad to be identified with you sis.God bless.

  3. You spelt is well sis, well written.
    From being a girl drawing guys looks, to being a lady sifting ‘man’ from guys, to convincing your Dad (though taking a gamble sometime). Off you go to being a wife, then M-U-M! 24/7 life time on duty, still functioning while half asleep. Amazing how this job radiates love above pain!

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