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‘Must everything go inside your mouth?’

This is the question I ask every child that put all they have and can see into their mouth

Their fist, toys, shoes, parents’ phone, daddy’s hair, mummy’s bag handle, polish, marker, to mention but a few…

All inside that tiny little mouth of theirs…hmmmm…sounds scary but not funny.

I wonder what ‘sweet taste’ they enjoy when they do such

Most of the time, they do it with excitement and curiosity

Before you say or shout  STOP!, ….GBAM! the specimen has been pushed in and then the commencement of the mouth feast begins.

Is there a particular test that is needed to be carried out with the tongue?

Or is there a particular reason babies/toddlers  do this?

Perhaps we may need to reason with them and probably spare them…I wish I could(wide eyed?just joking o…lol

Sometimes I wish I could spell it out to my child that FOOD is meant to be eaten and swallowed and that EVERYTHING is not food! (Gosh!)

But then I realise that most importantly,what I need to do is to be conscious of the environment and make sure it is both baby/toddler friendly and healthy.

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  1. Atta girl! I tell you this mouth feast thingy is sooo funny and worthy of note. Keep up the good work swty!??

  2. Hehehehehe…………. You must have been like them but hey like you have said the environment should be baby/toddler healthy. My problem is why is it that its these things that are bitter to the mouth that excites them.

    Nice one

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