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Happy Resumption…

Finally, today marks the end of the ‘looooooooong’ vacation. I am sure we are ready to send, push and bundle our young professors to school next week Monday either we like it or not. For some of us, the holiday should and must not be extended by one hour, because our cup is already full and our ‘patience level’ has reached it’s elastic limit. (Lol!).

Before resumption, I have a question…kindly read through and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Our children will experience the best session academically, mentally, emotionally and God will provide every necessary resource we need for us including the ‘almighty’ school fees. (Amen!)

‘As soon as Omolara and Omotunde vacated, I have started thinking of when and where to shop for them for the new session. In fact, that was the thought in my mind during the school graduation party. My children must stand out, I said to myself several times and not just academically but in all things.

Their school uniforms, bags, shoes, bottles, accessories and even hair do must be unique and be on point. At least they deserve the best after all that they did last session; they both came out in flying colours – straight ‘A’s in all the subjects.’

Many parents think that it is the norm and will go any length to get this done. I am of this opinion, ‘if the children’s items that were used in previous term or session are still in good shape/condition, then they are good to go for as long as they last’. Or is there a law that says ‘For every new session, students must resume with new items all-round’?


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  1. There is no law that says so.
    I buy necessary items. Sometimes I buy extra so they can all last longer. Who are we showing off to?

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