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Super Hero Mum…#BeBoldForChange

Do you remember your super heroes when you were young?

In cartoons or in reality

You have this adorable individual, a perfect ‘role-model’…an icon, a gem, a hero

Whose life is straight to the point; without any curves or bend

Many a times, we see our parents as our super heroes especially our mums

Gradually,we unconsciously try to replicate and emulate their lifestyles

But in reality, there is really nothing like being a super hero

Am I right?


There was this soap opera on TV

“The rich also cry”

It tells you that pain has no boundaries, irrespective of who you are

So it is with parenting/motherhood/fatherhood

We all look up sometimes for help…

Did I say sometimes?…most times I mean.


Naturally, women are born with “this” inner strength to handle all things

Women can multitask so well, and you wonder how they do it

They can be the cook, cleaner, hairdresser, baby sitter, fashionista…and many more at the same time

But excuse me…they are “called” weaker vessels


In multitasking, women get tired, fagged out and stressed too

Some may not say it loudly,but inwardly, they whisper for help

Some may not express it vividly but in reality, they scream for assistance…just so you can show to your child, niece/nephew or cousin that they have a SUPER HERO MUM

Kindly help to raise the hand and shoulders of our mums high by rendering ‘a little’ help to them…regularly and not occasionally






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