Whose responsibility is it to pay school fees? Parents. Get breakfast/lunch/dinner ready? Parents. Get the missing socks? Parents. Do the laundry? Parent. Be the clown? Parent. Act like a robot? Parents. In short, the list is endless…but in summary let me ask you, whose role is it to strategize, evaluates and monitors at home? PARENTS!

Hmmmm, as parents we have so many labelled and subtly responsibilities assigned to us by default and compulsion and we are expected to finish strong therefore we need to have the full understanding of the task.

After reading and completing this parenting devotional I got online, I think sharing what our professional job descriptions are will be of great help to us.

1. A Chauffeur
We must make sure that our children reach their destinations in life. Every important destination that a child arrives at is simply because he or she had parents who took their chauffeuring job seriously. Are we chauffeuring in the right direction or driving anyhow?


2. An entertaining Comedian
Parents are comedians because they are the primary source of happiness in their children’s lives and in the home (God is the main source, no comparison). Our home should be a place of unreserved joy, laughter and fun and not just a plan of punishment, spanking (tongue lashing/telling off) and pain. When our children hear our horn, how do they feel?

3. A dependable Media Personnel
Every important piece of information that your child receives should come from us. We should keep an open atmosphere in our homes friendly so that our children will be able to ask you anything at all. Our children should learn from us in all ways; finance, what sex is all about…and relationship/people management. Do we board information especially gist about sex/where do babies come from?

4. An enthusiastic cheerleader
We must believe in our children wholeheartedly. We must be their number 1 cheerleader whether they are winning or losing in life’s situations. We must applaud loudly when everyone else has given up. Is cheering up our children conditional?

5. A winning Coach
The day that we became a mother/father is the day that we were given the heavenly responsibility of coaching our child for victory in every game in life. Your coaching philosophy is vital if you want your children to stay the course and embrace champion-like attitudes. How often do we have time to coach?

6. A well-prepared Travel Agent

Parents spend the greatest part of life preparing children for their journey into adulthood. We are to prepare them for a life of not only survival but also for success! Are we prepared enough to get out children ready?

7. A victorious Warrior
Every parent is a warrior who fights on their knees (our most powerful and victorious position). Destinies are developed on our knees… battles are won on our knees… strategy is given on our knees… strongholds are ripped apart on our knees… heaven moves and hell shakes when we fight on our knees. Is our pea life seasonal or often?

8. A wise and intuitive Director of Homeland Security

Be a quick and definitive responder to the approach of the enemy’s influence. You must be continuously watchful for dangerous heart attitudes, paralyzing emotions and crippling habits. When a child becomes negative or critical it is like venom in a family’s home and will do immediate damage if you do not decisively respond. Do we allow out emotions to take over?

9. A savvy Wardrobe Stylist
We are in charge of what heart habits and attitudes our children choose to wear. We must ensure that every emotion that decorates our children’s lives is a lovely accessory and is not distracting. Choosing to wear the attractive attribute of kindness is a piece of clothing that is gender exclusive! It comes in both pink and blue. Are we fashion concious?

10. An expert cartographer!
A cartographer is a person who makes maps; we need to be excellent at setting boundaries for our children. We must set boundaries not only with our words but also with our lives. We must be watching attentively for weeds that are growing in young hearts and then remove the weeds before they have a chance to take root and grow out of control. Who draws the map?

Photo credit: My Aunt and Nephew

(Adapted but editted from one of my daily devotional resources)


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