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Intentional Parenting 102: The A-Z of Intentional Parenting

A- Intentional Parents will not focus on the AWARDS gotten by the child but on their  ACHIEVEMENT  as parents
B- Intentional Parents are not the BEST mums or dads in the world but are committed  to be BETTER on a daily basis as regards their parenting  role
C- Intentional Parents are CONSCIOUS  of the environment, and put in their best to keep their children safe from all forms of danger
D- Intentional Parents are DETERMINED, DISCIPLINED and DEDICATED at home, and not just at work
E- Intentional Parents are not only EXCEPTIONAL in the society but are one in a million to their children
F- Intentional Parents place their children on the right FOUNDATION academically and in all spheres  of life;
G- Intentional  Parents are GODLY. They fear and serve God wholeheartedly and neverat the expense of their children
H-  Intentional  Parents are HIGHLY-MOTIVATED irrespective  of their children’s overall  performances, they don’t give up;
I- Intentional Parents are IRREPLACEABLE, no matter how many guardians surround their children
J- Intentional Parents are not JUDGEMENTAL, they listen attentively;
K- Intentional Parents see their children  as KEEN on their children’s welfare, and they don’t compare them with others
L- Intentional Parents are not LIMITED  by resources, they strive to give their children  they best of everything;
M- Intentional Parents are MINDFUL of their children’s strengths and weaknesses and MANAGE it well
N- Intentional Parents NURTURE their children’s abilities, gifts and talents on a daily basis
O- Intentional Parents are OPEN to correction, they don’t pretend  to know it all.
P- Intentional Parents are PRAYERFUL, they commit their children’s past, present and future into God’s hands; they are PRICELESS
Q- Intentional Parents give their children QUANTUM leap over challenges
R- Intentional Parents show  RESPECT to their spouse and children publicly and privately
S- Intentional Parents boost their children’s SELF-ESTEEM always
T- Intentional Parents don’t just TALK, but do what they have said and keep their promises to their children
U- Intentional Parents always seek to UNDERSTAND their children
V – Intentional  Parents are VIBRANT in spirit, soul and body.
W – Intentional Parents are WISE, they have a healthy work-life balance
X- Intentional Parents go the XTRA mile to ensure their children’s success and well-being
Y- Intentional Parents are YIELDING to their children’s legitimate demands
Z – Intentional Parents don’t allow their personal ZEAL to bury their children’s skills

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  1. Princess Felicia

    Once a parent, always a parent. Parenting is a privilege and we should be intentional and deliberate about it. I love the A to Z for intentional parents. It sums up what parenting is about. Keep up the great work.

  2. Foluso Olowoselu

    Amazing how God endows us with all these abilities the moment the pregnancy result is declared ‘positive’. Positive thinking, planning, praying, visions, dreams, actions and more positives kicks in.

    Fantastic and true A-Z article, well done.

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