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The baby’s mind

Every time a child is born
He/she announces the arrival with a shout
A shout that gives joy to everyone’s ear
When you hear the baby crying
Then you will see older people rejoicing
This cry seems to be melodious because you will even notice some people dancing
The new mother/father are been congratulated for the safe arrival of the bundle of joy

Why do they cry?
Is it that the baby is in pain?
Or he/she is uncomfortable?
Or do you think the baby is missing something?
Or he/she is calling for attention?
Many a times, when I look at babies’ faces
The facial expressions I see amuse me
Have you seen a thoughtful looking baby before?
Or am I the only one that sees beyond their looks?

This is one of the expressions that make me wonder what is going on in that tiny mind
I have this belief (and I stand to be corrected) that the minds of babies are not blank
And each of their unique expression expresses what is going on in their minds.
This is why I will be sharing my guesses in this series we have titled the baby’s mind. Your comments will be highly appreciated. And you know what – it might be the topic of the next episode.  We look forward to also receiving the picture of your baby – there is a challenge on our social media pages.
Check out our pages for more information. Thank you.

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